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Reporter Slapped By Man During Race Coverage

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Reporter Slapped By Man During Race Coverage

SAVANNAH, GA – During her live TV report at a race, Alex Bozarjian of Savannah station WSAV-TV says she was assaulted. In the video, which has been viewed more than 10 million times, you can see one of the male runners moving behind her and appearing to slap her on the butt. Bozarjian joins “CBS This Morning” to share her side of the story. She says she was in “disbelief” when the man “helped himself to a part of my body.”

Tommy Callaway is a Georgia man accused of slapping WSAV-TV reporter Alex Bozarjian on the backside on live TV while she covered a race in Savannah, Georgia, he was running in. Callaway is not facing any criminal charges at this time, but he has been banned by the organizers of the race from running in future events they will be hosting.

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