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Hollidaysburg Man Determines Stay-at-Home Wife Owes Rent

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Hollidaysburg Man Determines Stay-at-Home Wife Owes Rent

HOLLIDAYSBURG, PA – A Hollidaysburg man has determined that his stay-at-home wife owes rent.

Accountant and Hollidaysburg resident John Holten crunched the numbers and found that his stay-at-home wife Brenda consumes more than she offers the Holten household in value.

“Both of our children are now in elementary school so I crunched the numbers to figure out the revenue and cost benefit of Brenda staying at home. The numbers clearly show that Brenda is upside on value to the household. The numbers don’t lie.” said Holten.

Holten closely examined the labor she provides and the expense of her living in their household and learned she consumed about $1,200 each month more than she provides in value.

But Brenda Holten disagrees with his analysis telling us, “He doesn’t understand everything I do around here. I get the kids up and off to school, I do laundry, I clean the house, and I am here when the kids get home. That is worth at least $100,000 per year.”

“I do most of the laundry and share the cleaning duties. I have crunched the numbers and they clearly show she owes $1,200 a month for her fair share.” explained John.

It is not clear how this will end up but John Holten left the employment section of the newspaper on the kitchen island before going to work this morning.

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