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Giant/Martin’s ‘Marty’ The Robot Accused Of Sexual Harassment

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Giant/Martin’s ‘Marty’ The Robot Accused Of Sexual Harassment

CARLISLE, PA – The futuristic and presumably friendly robot ‘Marty’ may not be so innocent according to some shoppers who report being sexually harassed by the roving robot.

Marty checks out some ass at a Martins in Altoona.

“He was following me around the store and would not leave me alone. His goggly eyes were looking me up and down. And then he started whispering obscene comments to me.” reported a State College woman who asked that we not use her name.

Marty is part of a test program by Giant Food Stores’ parent company, Ahold USA, which oversees 172 locations spread out across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

The developer of Marty, Badger Technologies in Lexington, Kentucky defended the robot and said said he is not threat to shoppers.

“Marty’s main job is to scans for trip or slip hazards on the floor, not harass women.” said Roger Haines, spokesman for Badger Technologies.

Giant plans to keep Marty operating in its stores while the accusations are being investigated.

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